Monthly Archive: July 2009

Successful AGM

LCPRE held its second Annual General Meeting on 1st July 2009. Approximately 50 members attended to hear the exciting news about LCPRE’s recent land purchase along with other updates from the committee on activities in the past year. We were also delighted to welcome three new committee members to the group. Cheese and wine was enjoyed by all, followed by a fun nature walk where we saw bee and marsh orchids, common lizard, barn owl and a suspected hobby.

Land Ahoy!

On 12 June 2009 LCPRE, through our company Ely Wildspace Ltd, became the proud owner of a 2-acre strip of land running alongside the railway line on the east side of the main pit. This exciting news, made possible through a very generous donation by a group member from Cambridge, came exactly two years to the day since our first big public meeting.

The land is surrounded by Jalsea Marine property on three sides and the railway on the fourth. We’re working with the Wildlife Trust to draw up plans to manage the land for conservation.

We’re really excited about this news – it means the land is safeguarded against development; it means LCPRE has become not just a stakeholder but also a landowner in the SSSI; and it’ll help establish our credibility as a safe pair of hands for looking after land, if and when other areas become available.