Monthly Archive: July 2010

Ragwort 2 – the Return!

Very many thanks to everyone who turned out on Saturday for the ragwort-pulling party. The results are really impressive – we filled four low-loaders with uprooted plants, and from the bridge it’s now pretty difficult to spot any of the poisonous pests. However, there are more lurking just beyond view, so for all those who missed this event or who enjoyed it so much they can’t wait for more, we’re organising another work party from 10am on Saturday 7 August. If you can spare a few hours please do come along – your work is vital to improving the site for breeding lapwing and snipe, and if enough people turn up we might be able to clear the field completely. We’ll meet once again on the High (A142) bridge over the river, just south of the station. Bring lunch, gloves, long sleeves and trousers, and a garden fork if possible. Please reply to if you think you’ll be there.

Ely Wildspace Art Competition

We’ve just held our first art competition for work inspired by the Wildspace. Children at Ely St John’s Community Primary School produced over 50 fantastic entries after committee member Kevin Smith visited the school during their Going Green week. Local artists Stuart Green and Liz Hunter had a really difficult time picking winners, but chose these pictures by Lucy (kingfisher), Aiden (grebes on the river) and Hannah (bluetit). Many thanks indeed to all the children who entered, and to the staff at Ely St John’s for their enthusiastic support.

Active conservation in your Wildspace – get involved!

Are you free next Saturday afternoon (24 July) and able to do a bit of hard work to help local wildlife? We’re organising a work party to assist local farmer John Lee clear ragwort from the flood meadow on the east side of the river. This will help him maintain cattle grazing there without the need for chemical weed control, and so benefit wading birds.

If you can get involved please meet on the A142 bridge over the river (just south of the station) at 2pm. Wear long sleeves and trousers, and bring gloves, as ragwort is poisonous. This is one of several work events we’re planning over the next few months so if you can come to this one, or if you can’t but may be able to help later on, PLEASE WRITE TO and we’ll make sure you get future mailings.

Third AGM a success

LCPRE held its 3rd Annual General Meeting on Wed 7 July, at Ely Sailing club. The event was very well attended, with members receiving reports on the year from outgoing Chair Andrew Balmford and departing Treasurer Frank Richards. Highlighting our gradual shift beyond campaigning and into on-the-ground projects, guest Jane Learner spoke about A Roswell Record – a project to be launched in the autumn, capturing people’s memories and hopes for the area – while Nigel Russell from Natural England talked about exciting plans for enhancing the SSSI. More details soon – watch this space.