Bloomin’ marvellous

On Saturday 22 June, a group of volunteers led by botanists Ed Tanner and Tim Inskipp undertook our annual survey of the plants of Ely Common. This is the third year that we have surveyed the Common and we are slowly building up a picture of plant diversity and relative abundance over time, which will help to identify the impact of current management and opportunities for improvement. This year we identified 63 species on the Common including Red Fescue, Common Sorrel and Dewberry. We recorded the partially parasitic plant Yellow Rattle for the first time, an exciting addition to our records. Adder’s-tongue fern, a scarce plant with more chromosomes than any other organism, has spread to new locations on the Common and seems to be thriving. Thanks to all those who took part and made the day a great success. (Image: Tim Inskipp)