Monthly Archive: July 2014

Ely Common in bloom…..

On Saturday 20 July, we undertook our annual survey of the plants of Ely Common. This year we identified a total of 122 plants across the Common of which 50 species were in our survey area. Plants seen included Lady’s Bedstraw, Marjoram, Wild Carrot and various species of grass. The partially parasitic plant Yellow Rattle, which was first recorded last year, was seen again this year. We also saw a wide range of invertebrates including 15 species of butterfly, five species of dragonfly, and several species of grasshopper and hoverfly. This is the fourth year that we have surveyed the Common and we are slowly building up a picture of plant diversity and relative abundance over time. Thanks to all those who took part and made the day a great success. (Image: Roesel’s bush-cricket, Sarah Ferriss)