Extending the wildflower meadow

In 2017 a plan was agreed between East Cambs District Council, the county Wildlife Trust and Ely Wildspace to extend the wildflower meadow on Ely Common. This was to be achieved by spraying off strips of the unimproved meadow, and after preparing the ground, sowing with seed collected from Chettisham Meadow nature reserve.

In July Ely Wildspace volunteers collected wildflower seeds from Chettisham Meadow, to add to the stock collected by staff  of the Wildlife Trust during the summer. In September the Wildlife Trust carried out the spraying, and Ely Wildspace volunteers cleared and raked the sprayed areas in preparation.

We are now pleased to say that the seed has been sown and our wildflower meadow will soon be much bigger. Who knows, we could soon have more orchids and butterflies…