Monthly Archive: March 2019

Spring litter pick

Volunteers helped to collect 18 bags of rubbish from the Wildspace today. With wonderful weather and tea and cake at the end a thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks to the sailing club for hosting us.

Tern raft clearing

On Friday March 8th the tern rafts were cleared of the winter’s ‘guano’ and replenished the gravel, provided by the EA. The rafts have successfully fledged tern chick for the last three years and hopefully will be used again in 2019.

Kingfisher nest tunnels





On Friday March 8th Cliff Carson visited the Wildspace to search for possible sites for kingfisher nest tunnels. There was some promise as suitable sites were located. Unfortunately it is too late to install these for the 2019 season, but tunnels should be in place for the beginning of 2020.