Monthly Archive: April 2022

Conservation management in Springhead Lane

In early 2016 the County Council carried out a clearance operation that generated a number of complaints from the public that the character of the path had been damaged. As a result, East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) arranged a meeting with the County Council, Natural England, the County Wildlife Trust, adjacent landowners, and Ely Wildspace. A management regime was established that would include County Council clearance, ongoing minor trimming of vegetation, and planting to restore the ‘green tunnel’ effect. Ely Wildspace undertook to plant an oak tree, hazel and field maple shrubs, and transplant ash tree whips and elm suckers in locations agreed with ECDC. This planting was mostly completed by volunteers over the winter/spring of 2017/18. This work has been followed up by volunteers clearing around the shrubs and trees and carrying out additional planting.

In addition in 2019 Ely Wildspace volunteers planted a hedge of 165 native shrubs and trees alongside the McCarthy & Stone housing. This was to reinforce a hornbeam hedge planted by the developers, but which had mostly died.

At the end of March volunteers again gathered, to plant a Newnham College 150th Anniversary oak, restake and improve protection to the planted elm and ash trees, clear around all the planted trees and shrubs, and trim the McCarthy & Stone housing hedge. Our volunteers will continue to return from time to time to maintain the hedge and the other trees and shrubs planted.

Anyone who would like to join our band of volunteers for work on Springhead Lane and elsewhere please contact Ely Wildspace on

Wildspace work party report

Since the start of 2022 Ely Wildspace volunteers have spent two sessions on habitat maintenance down at Roswell pits. The first session, on 27th February continued work on the nightingale plots. Richard Braund  reports: “Many thanks to those who were able to join us on Sunday (27 February 2022) to continue the work to improve the nightingale plots on the Ely Wildspace land. We have increased the area by coppicing and cutting back overhanging branches and brambles, plus we planted more shrubs.”