Bird Boxes

In February 2017 Ely Wildspace volunteers with the help of a young Duke of Edinburgh candidate, made and installed 17 bird boxes in around the wildspace. These were a mixture of blue tit boxes, tree creeper boxes anda couple of open fronted boxes. From mid April 2017 these boxes were monitored for nest building, egg laying and hatching. Then when the chicks were ready they were all ringed. All details were submitted to the BTO Nest Monitoring Scheme

From the 17 boxes 7 had eggs and chicks. One of these boxes was predated, but the rest produced an impressive 32 chicks that were ringed. One of these chicks was later recaptured by local bird ringers.

In 2018 there are a total of 10 bird boxes that are occupied by blue tits. We will continue to monitor them and ring the chicks when they are ready.

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