About us

Ely Wildspace is a membership group that currently has over 1200 members*.

The activities of the group are organised by a committee of volunteers. Committee members are normally agreed each year at the Annual Members' Meeting, usually held each July, although committee members are sometimes co-opted by the committee during the year.

The committee is organised into a number of thematic subgroups – core activities, environment, policy – which meet regularly and report back to full committee meetings.

The current Committee includes:
Chairman - Liz Hunter
Treasurer - Pam Bullivant

If you would like to join Ely Wildspace, you can  email us at lcpre@elywildspace.org.uk

* correct as of March 2012

What are we doing?

  • working with landowners, Natural England, the Wildlife Trust and East Cambridgeshire District Council to help manage the land around the Wildspace - creating a new reedbed, restoring and enhancing meadows, picking up litter, repairing hedges, and so on - see how you can get involved.
  • campaigning for effective protection of the whole Wildspace - having helped secure the status of Site of Special Scientific Interest for most of the area, we’re now trying to get Ely Common (which was never registered as a Common) recognised as a Village Green, thereby protecting it permanently from further encroachment.
  • managing our own land - a very generous donation and the support of our members helped us buy a two acre strip of wet woodland alongside the main pit at Roswell which, together with our tenants, the Wildlife Trust, we’re now managing entirely for wildlife.
  • providing a voice for the Wildspace - working hard to make sure that the views of our members get heard in discussions of any planning applications affecting the area as well as in ECDC’s plans for its country park.
  • working with the next generation - giving talks about the Wildspace to local schools, and working with them to run art competitions inspired by its treasures.
  • discovering what we’ve got - working with the local Wildlife Trust group we put on bat walks, moth evenings and birdwatching events around the Wildspace.
  • raising funds and publicity - getting good legal advice and managing land depends on public support, so fundraising fetes and keeping the Wildspace in the news are key parts of what we do.