1. Elywildspace/ Lcpre brought the public , 1,200 members ,together to protect well loved area etc. from unlawful development and destruction of well loved  area used by locals, visitors and a valuable wildlife site and forged links with statutory bodies and local councils.

2.Enforcement notice.

3. SSSI Notification, working with NE, bird watchers, WLFT, collating and collecting records etc.

4. Village Green status, fund raising for barrister. Two enquiries, .
Photos in "Celebrate our success "
Also lovely meadow pictures on oral history site and of people walking across the Common

5. Purchase of land.
Photos in "glade all over."

6. Oral History, opportunity for local people to share their memories and photographs, thanks to Lottery funding ,we could put a link to the site and use the reed cutter in his boat.
On going public involvement , maintaining habit  volunteer work parties

Tree planting photo with Nigel in"what are we doing"

7.Wild life events bird races, Bioblitzes, Big year. Numbers involved would be good.