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Nationally Scarce Hoverfly found at Ely Wildspace

T primusAs part of a wider survey of hoverflies in the Ely area this year, which reached a total of 76 species and over 1000 individual records, Mark Welch found an unusual species of small black hoverfly – Triglyphus primus feeding on umbels at the Wildspace on 16/8/2015. This fly has, on close inspection, diagnostic features that distinguish it from other similar members of the tribe Pipizini: it has only two prominent abdominal segments visible (segments 2 and 3; segment 4 is very small) compared with other Pipizines which have three clearly visible (segments 2, 3 and 4). This fly has “Nationally Scarce” status.

Rare hoverfly recorded in Ely

Clear abdominal markings

A rare hoverfly was recorded at a site close to the Wildspace.

The Anasimyia interpuncta was caught by budding amateur entomologist Mark Welch. These beautiful flies have been been recorded at only at Wicken Fen and Woodwalton Fen, in Cambridgeshire. Now we have added a third site in our very own “back yard”. Keep your eyes peeled for these enigmatic little flies because they could also be in the Wildspace!