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Ely’s first BioBlitz: a blazing success

From 5pm on Friday 3 July to 5pm Saturday 4 July, over 200 members of the public joined wildlife experts in Ely Wildspace. Various events were held to find as many birds, butterflies, bats, moth, insects, spiders and plants as possible. In just 24 hours Ely’s first ever BioBlitz uncovered more than 600 species of plants, birds, butterflies, moths, ladybirds and spiders. More results are coming in and these include several that have never been recorded in Ely Wildspace before.

With the added help of glorious weather, people enjoyed spectacular moths, a dusk bat safari, great views of kingfishers, close-up encounters with young robins and bluetits, and the mysterious underwater symphonies of water boatmen, snails and diving beetles in Roswell Pit. Especially exciting finds included eyed hawkmoth, purple hairstreak butterfly and wild raspberry.

If you enjoyed it too – or couldn’t join us this year – look out for next year’s BioBlitz, and in the meantime visit the Ely Wildspace Diary page for more 2015 events around the Wildspace.

Annual Members’ Meeting

The Elywildspace Annual Members’ Meeting will take place at Ely Sailing Club on the 20th July at 7.45 pm. All members are welcome . It will be a great opportunity to hear about the many activities that have taken place in the past year as well as future activities that are planned.

Urgent: Amendments to Proposed pellet production plant on Potter Group Land

ECDC planners have received an a amendment to this application and comments and/or observations must be made in writing or by email to by the 17th of July 2015. Changes can be found on ECDC planning portal under 15/00427/fum

The changes include modifications to some of the survey work, revised noise impact assessment and revised ecological impact assessment , light levels etc.

Please take this opportunity to make your views known and highlight the adverse impacts that this development will have on the SSSI that is of national importance.

Planning application for a Straw Pelleting Plant on land adjacent to Ely Wildspace and SSSI – deadline 9 June

In brief:
+ Three lorry loads of straw will be brought to the site every hour and 3 empty lorries will leave.
+ The 100 meter long building with a 47 meter high tower will convert the straw into pellets that will be transported by rail to a power station in Norwich.
+ The grinding machine will run day and night every day of the year.
+ The noise and traffic pollution could have disastrous consequences on the SSSI. Wildlife will be affected by cumulative noise and traffic.

Please read the full application at ECDC Planning on line ( 15/00427/fum) and make your comments before June 9th.

Bird Race in the Wildspace!

Following on from the very successful winter Bird Race in January, which logged a total of 71 species, the next (9th) Ely Bird Race will take place on Sunday 17th May and cover the Ely Wildspace area. Meet up by the Environment Agency building at the top of Kiln Lane off the Prickwillow Road at 07:15 to finish at 11:00. As well as many other birds to be seen, we hope to record the 10 species of warbler that are here regularly during the spring and summer months.

Come and join in as we take in the beauty of the sights and sounds of our local Wildspace!

Bumper bird race!

The 8th Ely Bird Race was held on Sunday 18 January, with the aim of recording as many species as possible in three hours. A gathering of 16 observers set off at 8 am in four groups to survey the bird life of Ely Wildspace. An impressive aggregate total of 70 species was recorded, which includes less common ones such as Green Sandpiper and Lesser Redpoll, and is the highest so far for a winter bird race in Ely. We shall be running the 9th Ely Bird Race in May, when bird numbers will be boosted even higher with the arrival of our summer migrants. Come and join us!

Winter Wildlife Walk at Roswell Pits

Despite overnight rain 16 brave souls met for the annual “Winter Wildlife Walk” organised by the Ely Local Group of the Wildlife Trust on Saturday 3 January. Their route took them through Cherry Hill Park and Jubilee Gardens to the river and Roswell Pits. The group were rewarded with excellent views of a grey wagtail on the railway bridge and close by a kingfisher sitting in a bush overhanging the river. After a second kingfisher flew by Cuckoo Bridge, one walker was heard to say “I’m 42 and had never seen a kingfisher and today I’ve seen 2!”. Later 4 male bullfinches showed themselves bringing the total number of bird species seen by the group in the morning to 36.

Enter Ely’s 9th Bird Race

Last year an amazing 65 species of bird were recorded during the Winter Wildspace Bird Race, including bittern and marsh harrier. Are you up to the challenge of attempting to beat that total? Alternatively, do you simply fancy a guided birdwatching walk around the fantastic wildlife areas right on our doorstep? If you do, then why not join the Ely Wildspace Bird Race on Sunday 18 January?

We are meeting at 8am sharp at the top of Kiln Lane (the road leading to the Environment Agency off Prickwillow Road) where we will divide up into small teams, each of which will be led by an experienced local birdwatcher. The teams will then set off and walk all around the Wildspace trying to see and hear as many bird species as possible. At around 11am the teams will meet up again to compare notes and discover the winning team. The event is free and everyone is welcome. Please bring binoculars (if you have them), warm and waterproof clothing, and plenty of food and drink.