What is the Big Year all about

The Big Year is an attempt to catalogue and record as many species, their location and their status, whether breeding, migratory or resident. We will be recording as many of the plants, insects, birds and mammals as possible as well as other taxa such as fungi, bryophytes and even slugs! Throughout the year there will be opportunity to get involved in some community events, walks and workshops. We hope to have experts available to lead these events and pass on their knowledge so you can contribute your findings.

Download the recording sheet and record all the plants and animals you see. Not just those in the wildspace, but also at home in your garden.



Download the instruction for how to record the wildlife you see. Its important for us to know where you saw it and who.

Below you will find a list of who to contact for more information and or confirmation of your animal or plant.

Plants - Tim Inskipp                             Moths - Bill Mansfield
Beetles - Bill Mansfield                       Butterflies - Duncan Poyser
Hemiptera - Alex Dittrich                     Flies - Mark Welch
Bees and wasps - Mark Welch          Ants - Richard Braund
Reptiles - Helen & Terry Moore         Mammals - Andrew Balmford
Birds - Ben Green                                Slugs and snails - Tony Fulford
Damsel and Dragonflies - Mark Grooms
Frogs, toads and newts -  Helen & Terry Moore
Everything else - Will Burdett