Report of the LCPRE members meeting, 10 March 2008

11 March 2008 LCPRE held a very successful members meeting at the Ely Community College on the 10th March. It was very well attended despite the atrocious weather. The meeting had a dual purpose of updating the membership on recent developments and to develop the Ely Wildspace vision.
Major news included the continuing destructive work undertaken by Mr Tyrrell on Roswell Pit without planning permission and our solicitors advice given to ECDC. The objections made by Cheffins (on behalf of Mr Tyrrell) and Thomas Parsons to LCPRE’s application to protect Ely Common as a Village Green, and the proposal to designate Roswell Pit and surrounding area as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).
The aim of the Ely Wildsapce is to protect the remaining habitat patches around the eastern edge of Ely from harmful development, preserving it for wildlife and the continued recreational use of Ely’s population. Through small working groups the membership gave valuable input to, and showed overwhelming support for the Ely Wildspace vision. The full meeting report is available here.