Monthly Archive: June 2008

Celebrations as LCPRE recruits 1000th member

19 June, 2008 Following last week’s news that Natural England have provisionally designated Roswell Pits and much of the area around it a Site of Special Scientific Interest, we had more good news on Saturday, when we recruited our 1000th member, Mrs Karen Levet pictured here with her family and with LCPRE Chair Andrew Balmford.

Roswell Pit area notified as Site of Special Scientific Interest

10 June, 2008 We are absolutely delighted by the news that Natural England has provisionally designated large parts of the Ely Wildspace as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its exceptional wetland wildlife, as well as for its unusual geology. The SSSI designation process is extremely demanding – the site must be shown to be outstanding not just locally but nationally – and this is the first SSSI to receive notification since Natural England was established in 2006. The designation now offers much of this area – including Roswell Pits, Queen Adelaide settling ponds, and the flood meadows on the west of the river – greatly enhanced protection from harmful development.
LCPRE chair Andrew Balmford said “This is a real reason for celebration. Ely can be fantastically proud that the remaining patches of nature around the city, and the wildlife they still support, have received this recognition. We now hope to work with landowners to help them meet the management needs of the SSSI, and with ECDC and others to ensure that the future of the Wildspace is properly safeguarded in the local planning process”.
The full report from Natural England is available here. The BBC news report can be viewed by accessing this link.