Herons nesting in the Wildspace!

Ely has a new heronry in the heart of the Wildspace. Grey herons – among the largest birds in Britain – are a common sight along the region’s waterways but breeding colonies are relatively scarce.

The enormous birds were first spotted breeding here last year, when a single nest appeared, but this spring four pairs have constructed their large stick nests in a clump of willows. Herons breed earlier than most birds, and the prehistoric-looking chicks can already be seen standing around the rims of their nests.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the fantastic diversity of birds living around Ely do come along to the Wildspace Bird Race (which starts at 6am on Sun 11 May at the top of Kiln Lane), or join us on Sun 1 June for an extraordinary opportunity to birdwatch from the top of Ely Cathedral.