Planting in Springhead Lane.

In early 2016 the County Council carried out a clearance operation that generated a number of complaints from the public that the character of the path had been damaged. As a result, East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) met with the County Council, ECDC, Natural England, the County Wildlife Trust, adjacent landowners, and Ely Wildspace. A management regime was developed that would include County Council clearance every 3 -4 years, ongoing minor trimming of vegetation, and planting to restore the ‘green tunnel’ effect. Ely Wildspace undertook to plant an oak tree, ash tree whips, hazel and field maple shrubs and transplant elm suckers in locations agreed with ECDC. This planting was completed by volunteers over the winter/spring of 2017/18. This work was followed up during the long hot summer of 2018 when volunteers cleared around the shrubs and watered them.

This week volunteers gathered again to plant elm whips, clear the undergrowth around the shrubs planted last season, and place new stakes and tree guards. All the plants will now have a great start next spring.