Ely Wildspace’s 2nd Bioblitz

Starting 5pm on Friday 1st and and ending at 5pm on Saturday 2nd July. Come down to Pocket Park to join int he fun. There are many free wildlife events which you can book places on throughout the 24hrs. Alternatively there will be many events you can just drop in on during Saturday at our Base Camp on Pocket Park.

Click on the image to book events

Click on the image to book events

Welcome to ELY Wildspace

Buffering the eastern edge of Ely is a green corridor with a number of important wild habitats. Wild flower meadows, reed-beds and wooded pathways are just some of the examples that can be found here. These support a wide variety of wildlife such as bittern, water voles, dragonflies... The Ely Wildspace group works to protect and enhance these wild habitats. This in turn protects and enhances the wildlife that can be found there. Helping local people enjoy the natural treasures on their doorstep.