terrestrial slugs

vernacular name binomial name photograph
Great Black Slug Arion ater
Blue-Black Soil Slug Arion hortensis
Hedgehog Slug Arion intermedius Value 14
Large Red slug Arion rufus
Dusky Slug Arion subfuscus Value 14
Tramp SLug Deroceras invadens Value 14
Netted Field Slug Deroceras reticulatum Value 14
Irish Green Slug Limacus maculatus
Leopard slug Limax maximus Value 14
Black Keeled Slug Milax gagates Value 14
Budapest Keeled Slug Tandonia budapestensis Value 14

Land Snails

vernacular name binomial name photograph
Waxy Glass Snail Aegopinella nitidula Value 14
White-Lipped Snail Cepaea hortensis
Grove Snail Cepaea nemoralis Value 14
Vineyard Snail Cernuella virgata Value 14
Two-Toothed Door Snail Clausilia bidentata Value 14
Slippery Moss Snail Cochlicopa lubrica Value 14
Garden Snail Cornu aspersum Value 14
Discus Snail Discus rotundatus
Kentish Snail Monacha cantiana Value 14
Garlic Snail Oxychilus alliarius Value 14
Glossy Glass Snail Oxychilus navarricus
A Hairy Snail Trochulus sericeus
Strawberry Snail Trochulus striolatus
Pellucid Glass Snail Vitrina pellucida

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